9.15. Starting a GFS Cluster

When starting a GFS cluster, perform the following steps.


You can use GFS init.d scripts included with GFS to start nodes in a GFS cluster. For more information about GFS init.d scripts, refer to Chapter 12 Using GFS init.d Scripts.


The GFS kernel modules must be loaded prior to performing these steps. Refer to Section 3.2.2 Loading the GFS Kernel Modules for more information.

  1. At each node, activate pools. Refer to Section 5.6 Activating/Deactivating a Pool Volume for more information.

    Command usage: pool_assemble

  2. At each node, start the CCS daemon, specifying the CCA device on at the command line. Refer to Section 7.2 Starting CCS in the Cluster for more information.

    Command usage: ccsd -d CCADevice

  3. Start the LOCK_GULM servers. At each lock server node, start lock_gulmd. Refer to Section 8.2.3 Starting LOCK_GULM Servers for more information.

    Command usage: lock_gulmd

  4. At each node, mount the GFS file systems. Refer to Section 9.2 Mounting a File System for more information.

    Command usage: mount -t gfs BlockDevice MountPoint