7.2. Starting CCS in the Cluster

Once a CCS archive has been created on a CCA device (refer to Section 7.1 Creating a CCS Archive for details, if necessary), the CCS daemon (ccsd) should be started on all cluster nodes. All cluster nodes must be able to see the CCA device before the daemon is started.

The CCS daemon provides an interface to configuration data that is independent of the specific location where the data is stored.

7.2.1. Usage

ccsd -d CCADevice


Specifies the name of the CCA device.


You can use the ccsd init.d script included with GFS to automate starting and stopping ccsd. For more information about GFS init.d scripts, refer to Chapter 12 Using GFS init.d Scripts.

7.2.2. Example

In this example, the CCS daemon is started on a cluster node. This command should be run on all cluster nodes:

ccsd -d /dev/pool/alpha_cca


The CCS daemon (ccsd) uses the Linux raw-device interface to update and read a CCA device directly, bypassing operating system caches. Caching effects could otherwise create inconsistent views of the CCA device between cluster nodes.