9.14. Shutting Down a GFS Cluster

To cleanly shut down a GFS cluster, perform the following steps:

  1. Unmount all GFS file systems on all nodes. Refer to Section 9.3 Unmounting a File System for more information.

  2. Shut down all LOCK_GULM servers. Refer to Section 8.2.5 Shutting Down a LOCK_GULM Server for more information.

  3. Kill the CCS daemon on all nodes.

  4. Deactivate all pools on all nodes. Refer to Section 5.6 Activating/Deactivating a Pool Volume for more information.


You can use GFS init.d scripts included with GFS to shut down nodes in a GFS cluster. For more information about GFS init.d scripts, refer to Chapter 12 Using GFS init.d Scripts.