2.3.1. Configuring the Piranha Configuration Tool Web Server Port

2.3.1. Configuring the Piranha Configuration Tool Web Server Port

The Piranha Configuration Tool runs on port 3636 by default. To change this port number, change the line Listen 3636 in Section 2 of the piranha-gui Web server configuration file /etc/sysconfig/ha/conf/httpd.conf.

To use the Piranha Configuration Tool you need at minimum a text-only Web browser. If you start a Web browser on the primary LVS router, open the location http://localhost:3636. You can reach the Piranha Configuration Tool from anywhere via Web browser by replacing localhost with the hostname or IP address of the primary LVS router.

When your browser connects to the Piranha Configuration Tool, you must login to access the cluster configuration services. Enter piranha in the Username field and the password set with piranha-passwd in the Password field.

Now that the Piranha Configuration Tool is running, you may wish to consider limiting who has access to the tool over the network. The next section reviews ways to accomplish this task.

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