2.7.1. Adding a Failover Domain

2.7.1. Adding a Failover Domain

To add a failover domain, follow the steps in this section. The starting point of the procedure is at the cluster-specific page that you navigate to from Choose a cluster to administer displayed on the cluster tab.

  1. At the detailed menu for the cluster (below the clusters menu), click Failover Domains. Clicking Failover Domains causes the display of failover domains with related services and the display of menu items for failover domains: Add a Failover Domain and Configure a Failover Domain .

  2. Click Add a Failover Domain. Clicking Add a Failover Domain causes the display of the Add a Failover Domain page.

  3. At the Add a Failover Domain page, specify a failover domain name at the Failover Domain Name text box.


    The name should be descriptive enough to distinguish its purpose relative to other names used in your cluster.

  4. To enable setting failover priority of the members in the failover domain, click the Prioritized checkbox. With Prioritized checked, you can set the priority value, Priority, for each node selected as members of the failover domain.

  5. To restrict failover to members in this failover domain, click the checkbox next to Restrict failover to this domain's members. With Restrict failover to this domain's members checked, services assigned to this failover domain fail over only to nodes in this failover domain.

  6. Configure members for this failover domain. Under Failover domain membership, click the Membercheckbox for each node that is to be a member of the failover domain. If Prioritized is checked, set the priority in the Priority text box for each member of the failover domain.

  7. Click Submit. Clicking Submit causes a progress page to be displayed followed by the display of the Failover Domain Form page. That page displays the added resource and includes the failover domain in the cluster menu to the left under Domain.

  8. To make additional changes to the failover domain, continue modifications at the Failover Domain Form page and click Submit when you are done.

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