Appendix C. Red Hat Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Migration Solution

This appendix discusses how to migrate Red Hat Linux 7.1 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 on the IBM zSeries and S/390 architectures.

If you currently use Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the IBM zSeries and S/390 architectures, upgrades via the installation program are not available. However, the following migration solution will assist you in moving to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

First you must back up any existing data that you wish to keep for future use under Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Make sure to back up any necessary configuration files as well, such as the the configuration files from /etc/.

Once you have completed a backup of your data, you can reinstall the system using the instructions provided in this guide. Note that you may want to add additional space while partitioning to account for the new installation, future data, and any data that you intend to restore.

This recommended reinstallation method helps to ensure the best system stability possible.

Once the reinstallation has been completed, you can then begin to restore your data and any configuration files you may have backed up.