2.3. Auxiliary Development Tools

The following components are also provided for general development:

asAssembler (refer to Section 2.6 as, the GNU Assembler and Using as, the Gnu Assembler)
infoOnline documentation tools (refer to Section 2.12 Using info, the Documentation Tools)
manman pages, the standard UNIX online documentation

The GNU binary utilities provide functionality beyond the main development tools (refer to Using binutils, the Gnu Binary Utilities).

addr2lineConverts addresses into file names and line numbers
arCreates, modifies and extracts from object code archives
c++filtDemangles and deciphers encoded C++ symbol names
dlltoolCreates files for builds, using dynamic link libraries (DLLs)
nmLists symbols from object files
objcopyCopies and translates object files
objdumpDisplays information from object files
ranlibGenerates index to archive contents
readelfDisplays information about ELF format object files
sizeLists file section sizes and total sizes
stringsLists printable strings from files
stripDiscards symbols