6.4. GNBD Multipath Considerations for CCS Files

GNBD multipath allows you to configure multiple GNBD server nodes (nodes that export GNBDs to GFS nodes) with redundant paths between the GNBD server nodes and storage devices. The GNBD server nodes, in turn, present multiple storage paths to GFS nodes (GNBD clients) via redundant GNBDs. With GNBD multipath, if a GNBD server node becomes unavailable, another GNBD server node can provide GFS nodes with access to storage devices.

Make sure to take the following actions when setting up CCS files for GNBD multipath:

For more information about setting up CCS files for GNBD multipath, refer to Section 6.6 Creating the fence.ccs File and Section 6.7 Creating the nodes.ccs File. For more information and additional considerations about using GNBD multipath, refer to Chapter 11 Using GNBD. For more information about fencing, refer to Chapter 10 Using the Fencing System.