5.7. Displaying Pool Configuration Information

Using the pool_tool command with the -p (print) option displays pool configuration information in configuration file format. The pool information is displayed in the format equivalent to the configuration file that was used to create the pool. The disk labels that were written when the pool was created are read to recreate the configuration file.

5.7.1. Usage

pool_tool -p [PoolName]


Specifies the pool name(s) for which to display information. If no pool names are specified, all active pools are displayed.

5.7.2. Example

In this example, the pool_tool -p command displays the configuration for pool0:

# pool_tool -p pool0
poolname pool0
#minor <dynamically assigned>
subpools 1
subpool 0 0 1 gfs_data
pooldevice 0 0 /dev/sda1