12.2. GFS init.d Scripts Use

The following example procedure demonstrates using the GFS init.d scripts to start GFS:

  1. Install GFS on each node.

  2. Load the pool module:


    If you need to specify a persistent major number, edit /etc/modules.conf before loading pool.o. Refer to Section 3.1.2 Specifying a Persistent Major Number

    # modprobe pool


    # service pool start
  3. Create pool labels.

  4. Write the labels to disk.

  5. Load the pools. You can use the init.d script to reload or rediscover pool labels as follows:

    # service pool restart

    You have the option of specifying in a configuration file /etc/sysconfig/gfs the pools that you want assembled. If no pools are specified, then the pool script scans all the devices and loads any pool that it finds.

    To specify the pools on which to operate, the variable POOLS must be set in /etc/sysconfig/gfs. You can define multiple pools by separating the pool names with a space, as shown in the following example:

    POOLS="trin.cca trin1.gfs"
  6. Create the CCS archive.

  7. Write the CCS archive to disk or to a file.

  8. Modify /etc/sysconfig/gfs to specify the location of the CCS archive by defining the variable CCS_ARCHIVE in /etc/sysconfig/gfs. For example:

  9. Start ccsd as follows:

    # service ccsd start

    If CCS_ARCHIVE is not defined in /etc/sysconfig/gfs, pool_tool is used to scan for assembled pools that have CCS archives. If a single archive is found, then that device is automatically used.

  10. Start lock_gulmd as follows:

    # service lock_gulmd start

    No additional configuration is required. ccsd needs to be running.

  11. Create GFS file systems using the gfs_mkfs command.

  12. Modify /etc/fstab to include GFS file systems. For example, here is part of an /ect/fstab file that includes the GFS file system trin1.gfs:

    /dev/pool/trin1.gfs /gfs gfs defaults 0 0

    If you do not want a GFS file system to automatically mount on startup, add noauto to the options in the /ect/fstab file as follows:

    /dev/pool/trin1.gfs /gfs gfs noauto,defaults 0 0
                                  noauto option   
  13. Start gfs as follows:

    # service gfs start