7.4. Changing CCS Configuration Files

Based on the LOCK_GULM locking protocol, the following list defines what can or cannot be changed in a CCS archive while a cluster is running. There are no restrictions to making changes to configuration files when the cluster is offline.

7.4.1. Example Procedure

This example procedure shows how to change configuration files in a CCS archive.

  1. Extract configuration files from the CCA device into temporary directory /root/alpha-new/.

    ccs_tool extract /dev/pool/alpha_cca /root/alpha-new/
  2. Make changes to the configuration files in /root/alpha-new/.

  3. Create a new CCS archive on the CCA device by using the -O (override) flag to forcibly overwrite the existing CCS archive.

    ccs_tool -O create /root/alpha-new/ /dev/pool/alpha_cca